What does your rating say about your company?

Benchmark your business or employers reputation against our review scale guide and use our average star rating tool to calculate how your business needs to improve to win more business or attract better talent.

Using the calculator, enter the number of reviews as per the respective star rating category for any given platform. You may choose to aggregate reviews from multiple different platforms!

94% of consumers will avoid a business with negative consumer reviews on platforms such as Google My Business
92% of people would consider changing jobs if offered a role with an excellent corporate reputation on employment review platforms
A strong employer brand on major employment review platforms can reduce the cost per hire by as much as 10%
What does your rating say about your business?

Consumer Reputation guide

RepSpert’s Consumer ratings ratings:

0.00 – 1.50: Consumers are “Very Dissatisfied”

  • 1.51 – 2.50: Consumers are “Dissatisfied”
  • 2.51 – 3.50: Consumers say it’s “OK”
  • 3.51 – 4.00: Consumers are “Satisfied”
  • 4.01 – 5.00: Consumers are “Very Satisfied”
What does your rating say about your employer brand?

Employer Reputation guide

RepSpert’s Workplace & Culture Factor ratings:

0.00 – 1.50: Employees are “Very Dissatisfied”

  • 1.51 – 2.50: Employees are “Dissatisfied”
  • 2.51 – 3.50: Employees it’s “OK”
  • 3.51 – 4.00: Employees are “Satisfied”
  • 4.01 – 5.00: Employees are “Very Satisfied”